Indiana Data Partnership

This project is a collaboration between the State of Indiana and Indiana University to create a multi-party data sharing platform to help address key challenges facing the state.

Solving the most difficult challenges facing government and society today requires a new approach. Like our most innovative companies, government agencies and human service providers need to increase their problem-solving capacity and effectiveness, construct robust service-delivery networks, and deepen public-private partnerships. A critical step towards this end involves data sharing across stakeholders and increasing the availability and utility of that data.

The Indiana Data Partnership (IDP) is a collaboration between the State of Indiana’s Management Performance Hub and Indiana University that developed a scalable data sharing platform that integrates data from numerous stakeholders, including governments agencies, nonprofit service providers, and faith-based organizations. The IDP is using the data to construct the network of stakeholders and map the flow of resources and people through the network. Network analysis can identify gaps in the network as well as pathways to stabilization. These efforts are helping stakeholders more comprehensively and effectively address public needs.

Funding Sources
  • Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Work with Brad R. Fulton

Work with
Brad R. Fulton

To learn more details about this project or to work with Brad R. Fulton, please contact him below.

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